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2015 Bronze Buffalo Award

Congrats to those selected for the Bronze Buffalo award for their service to the Kittakima Chapter. 20151219_020354497_iOS.jpg

From L to R: Bill Wylie, Chris McManus, Cameron Cranford and Jack Shubert.


2016 Chapter Leadership

Congrats to our newly elected 2016 Chapter Leadership.


From L to R: Che Wylie, Matthew Gillett, Chris McManus and Jack Shubert.

2015 Kittakima Chapter Officers


Congrats to the newly elected 2015 Kittakima Chapter Officers (L to R): William Bryant, Chris McManus, Shaun Johnson, Chandler Williams and Cameron Cranford (Not pictured: David Brickman)

2014 Bronze Buffalo


Congrats to our Bronze Buffalo recipients for service to the Kittakima Chapter: (L to R) Shaun Johnson, Suzette Cranford and Chandler Williams.


2014 Chapter Banquet and Awards


We will have our annual Chapter Banquet and awards on December 19th at 6:30pm at Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler on Britton Rd east of May.  We will hold our Chapter elections at that time.  The youth Arrowmen of the Chapter will be electing our leadership for 2015.

Everyone will be responsible for purchasing their own dinner at Johnnie’s and if they allow it we will have dessert for everyone.

Please make plans to attend.  This is a uniformed event and everyone should wear their sash as well.

2014 Chapter Officers


Congrats to the newly elected 2014 Chapter Officers. L to R: Coreon Barkus, Vice Chief of Admin; Caleb Holloway, Chapter Chief; and Nick Greggs, Vice Chief of Ceremonies.

2013 Bronze Buffalo Award


Congrats to the Kittakima Chapter’s 2013 Bronze Buffalo recipients. L to R: Coreon Barkus, Matthew Gresham and Caleb Holloway.

Chapter Banquet Postponed

Due to numerous conflicts for many Arrowmen we are canceling the Chapter Banquet scheduled for this Friday and rescheduling it for Thursday, December 12th at 7pm (the night of our next Chapter Meeting).  The location has changed to Oklahoma Station BBQ located at 4331 NW 50th St.  It is just east of Meridian Ave and faces NW 50th St.

We will also hold our elections for our 2014 Chapter Leadership as well.  Attached are the Officer duties for each position.  If you have questions please let Mr. Cranford know.

Kittakima Chapter Officer Duties

Chapter Banquet

The Chapter Banquet and officer elections are Friday, November 22 at 7pm at Johnnies on Britton. Please make plans to attend.