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2015 Bronze Buffalo Award

Congrats to those selected for the Bronze Buffalo award for their service to the Kittakima Chapter. 20151219_020354497_iOS.jpg

From L to R: Bill Wylie, Chris McManus, Cameron Cranford and Jack Shubert.


2013 Bronze Buffalo Award


Congrats to the Kittakima Chapter’s 2013 Bronze Buffalo recipients. L to R: Coreon Barkus, Matthew Gresham and Caleb Holloway.

2013 Vigil Honor

Congratulations to the Kittakima Chapter’s newest Vigil Honor members. L to R: Steve Mason, Jay Minton, Drew Cranford and Scott Holloway.


2013 Vigil Candidates

Congrats to the 2013 Vigil candidates from the Kittakima Chapter.

Pictured is Drew Cranford and Scott Holloway. Not pictured is Jay Minton and Steve Mason.


2013 Bowstring

Congrats to Matthew and Henry Gresham who were both inducted into the Bowstring Society for their work with ceremonies.


2013 MaNu Lodge Banquet Award Recipients

Congratulations to the Kittakima Arrowmen that were honored at the 2013 MaNu Lodge Banquet:

Miller “Pat” Patterson Award – Kenna Green

White Buffalo Award – Drew Cranford and Scott Holloway

2012 Vigil Class – Devin Holloway and Darrin Cranford

2013 Kittakima Chapter Leadership

L to R: Jack Aikman, Adam Dodson, Caleb Holloway, Michael Fisher and Matthew Gresham

Congratulations to the 2013 Chapter Officers elected at the Chapter Banquet.  The Officers are:

Matthew Gresham – Chapter Chief

Adam Dodson – Vice Chief of Administration and IT

Michael Fisher – Vice Chief of Ceremonies

Jack Aikman – Vice Chief of Elections and Promotions

Caleb Holloway – Vice Chief of Service

2012 Bronze Buffalo Recipients

Jordan McCoy, Michael Fisher, Spencer Parrish (not pictured)

Congratulations to the Kittakima Chapter 2012 Bronze Buffalo Recipients.