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Memorial Day 2016

Thanks to everyone that helped put out flags at Fairlawn Cemetery!

Photo May 26, 5 05 41 PM


2015 Bronze Buffalo Award

Congrats to those selected for the Bronze Buffalo award for their service to the Kittakima Chapter. 20151219_020354497_iOS.jpg

From L to R: Bill Wylie, Chris McManus, Cameron Cranford and Jack Shubert.

2016 Chapter Leadership

Congrats to our newly elected 2016 Chapter Leadership.


From L to R: Che Wylie, Matthew Gillett, Chris McManus and Jack Shubert.

2015 Vigil Honor

Congratulations to Suzette Cranford and Chandler Williams on receiving the Vigil Honor.

New Brotherhood Members


Congratulations to the newest Brotherhood Members in the Kittakima Chapter

Cameron Cranford – Troop 168

Jack Shubert – Troop 168

David Brickman – Troop 168

Spencer Hardwick – Troop 168

Parker Jenkins – Troop 168

William Bryant – Troop 168

Chris McManus – Troop 168

Douglas Tapp –  Troop 201

Chris Cleburn – Troop 201

James Tapp – Troop 201

Jay Ortiz – Troop 201

Oscaar Kabrick – Troop 201

Jack Franklin – Troop 55

Ethan Noble – Troop 55

John Schumacher – Troop 68

Mark Matalik – Troop 68

2015 Kittakima Chapter Officers


Congrats to the newly elected 2015 Kittakima Chapter Officers (L to R): William Bryant, Chris McManus, Shaun Johnson, Chandler Williams and Cameron Cranford (Not pictured: David Brickman)

2014 Bronze Buffalo


Congrats to our Bronze Buffalo recipients for service to the Kittakima Chapter: (L to R) Shaun Johnson, Suzette Cranford and Chandler Williams.


2014 Chapter Banquet and Awards


We will have our annual Chapter Banquet and awards on December 19th at 6:30pm at Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler on Britton Rd east of May.  We will hold our Chapter elections at that time.  The youth Arrowmen of the Chapter will be electing our leadership for 2015.

Everyone will be responsible for purchasing their own dinner at Johnnie’s and if they allow it we will have dessert for everyone.

Please make plans to attend.  This is a uniformed event and everyone should wear their sash as well.

2014 Vigil Candidates

vigil with word

Congrats to Caleb Holloway and Jim Aikman who were called out for the Vigil honor at the 2014 Centennial Camporee.

October Chapter Meeting

We do have a chapter meeting Thursday evening at 7pm upstairs at the Council Office.  We will be going through election training and discussing the Arrowman Service Award and our end of year dinner and officer elections.

As always be sure to wear your sash and uniform.